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Specialist Treatments: Ophthalmology

Dr. Mariano Salvaterra, Consultant Ophthalmologist, performs the usual eye tests and checkups in our clinic, like pressure measurements, macula degeneration and diabetic retinopatia. Further complicated procedures like surgery of cataract, intra-ocular lenses and surgery of presbyopia will be performed in a local private clinic.

Private Hospital

The private hospital used by Dr. Alf Neuhaus is about 10 minutes’ drive away from his out- patient clinic. It is a fully equipped and very clean hospital with all facilities needed, 4 modern operating theatres, intensive care unit and 24h on-call medical staff and physicians. All rooms are equipped with TV (Spanish, English, German), WiFi and a private bathroom / shower.

The friendly and helpful staff speaks English, and Dr. Alf Neuhaus and his physiotherapists will come in every day of your stay to look after you (wound control, change of bandage, pain medication, arranging further tests if needed, joint mobilisation, etc.).

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